Course Maps

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Wax and Wax Testing

Dedicated wax testing areas are located adjacent to the competition trail and are groomed at the same time and manner to the race trails. Temporary wax facilities will be provided to all teams.

Officials Facilities

Office space for meetings available on site. There will be separate press room, timing area, race office and jury room.

Safety Facilities

The Cross-Country Center is equipped with snow machines and toboggans to bring injured skiers from the course to the on site first aid center where further evaluation can be done before further transport is necessary.

Snow Making

Typically the loop at the Olympic Jumping Complex is covered with 3 feet of artificial snow by the end of November and is maintained all winter.

Event Photos for Purchase

Event photos will be uploaded at the end of each race day, and will be available for purchase online, as well as in person on March 7-8 from 4:00-7:00 pm in the Lake Placid Conference Center. Below please find the photo shooting schedule and instructions for purchasing online. Please use one of the following browsers when purchasing photos online: Google Chrome, Explorer, or Firefox.

Purchase Online

on-site dining

Green Goddess Natural market

Green Goddess Foods offers skiers and spectators incredible, fresh fare with local and organic ingredients. For Junior Nationals week, Green Goddess has some special offerings for competitors, coaches and supporters. Check our menu for the week below!


Recipes & Nutrition Tips from the Green Goddess Kitchen

From pre-practice energy snacks to recovery smoothies, our friends at Green Goddess are experts in athlete nutrition. Check out the recipes below and look out for great training and race day snacks and drinks at the Olympic Jumping Complex.